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    Teen girl in bedroom

    Floor Plans for The Perfect Teen Retreat

    Many of the clients we work with to build a custom home have teenagers, which often results in specific design requests. Sometimes that means extra bathrooms, sometimes it means teenager bedrooms with some privacy, and sometimes it means space for friends to hang out.
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    Gun safe keypad

    House plans: Build a space for the gun safe

    For families with guns in their home, a gun safe is a necessary safety component to include in the home. But they're big, heavy, and awkward. Plus, you generally want your gun safe to be hidden. So where do you put it?
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    Muddy dog

    The Most Innovative Feature To Add To Your Floor Plan for Muddy Dogs and Kids

    In the second part of our series on coolest home design ideas suggested by our clients, we're going to talk about muddy dogs and kids. For many of our clients, building a custom home on their land provides an opportunity to create both indoor and outdoor living spaces for the entire family. And that includes the four-legged family members. But...
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    family unloading groceries

    House plans: Best ideas for big families

    Over the many years I've been working in custom home construction, I've met some pretty cool families that had amazing ideas for design features in their homes. The next few articles are going to highlight specific house plan ideas and features that came from our clients.
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    House plan with corrections

    House plans: Top 3 costly mistakes to avoid

    You're preparing to build the home of your dreams, but like most people, you still have a budget to consider. Successfully fitting your new custom home into your budget begins with the right house plan. That means the house plan that fits your needs and wants but also one that's efficient to build.
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    House plans that can grow with your family

    Working with families that home school, have lots of growing kids, or both, we've learned a lot about how those families live and grow, and how the house they live in either supports or stunts their growth. Here we'll share some lessons learned about building a house for future growth.
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    thinking about future

    House Plans: Future-Proof Your Custom Home

    Building a custom home on your land is all about getting what YOU want, not what some builder thinks you should have. But, there are so many things to think about, how do you know you covered it all? Here's how to think it through so you won't have regrets after you move in.
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    Cost to Build a House: How Size, Features Affect Price per Square Foot

    Before you shop new houses or builders by comparing price per square foot, get the inside scoop on what really goes into that number.
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    Concrete slab.jpg

    Foundation comparison: conventional footing vs. post-tension slab

    The two most common types of foundations found in central Oklahoma are conventional footing and stem wall ("conventional" for short) and post-tension slab and foundation ("post-tension" for short).
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    House Plans: Big 3 things to get right

    When looking at house plans online or talking to a house designer or builder, there are a few key things to look for to find the best house plan for you and your family. These principles apply to every house plan, no matter the size or price range.
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