Our Story

Turner and Son Homes was founded in 1964 (as Turner Building Company) with one very simple philosophy: If you’re going to build homes people want to buy, you’d better figure out how to build what people want at a price they can afford. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s surprisingly hard to execute.

That’s the problem we tackled in 1964. Turner & Son Homes was born of necessity, and that drive has powered us ever since.

Since 1964, the building industry has gone through a lot of change. Homes have gotten bigger, more complex, and more expensive—and that’s seen as the norm. HGTV gives homeowners big dreams that later seem impossible to reach. Homeowner’s associations can now make rules about fences and external paint that homeowners are required to follow.

Our philosophy is what makes us the Anti-Builder, and it hasn’t changed despite all the industry changes. What does that mean for you?

We don’t tell our clients what to do.

Portrait of happy family lying on floor in their new houseWe’ve grown this business on the concept that people don’t need a builder to tell them what they should want—most people already know what they want in a house! Many builders will tell you what the price per square foot will be, sell you unnecessary upgrades, or even give up on your home because the project becomes too difficult.

At Turner and Son Homes, we don’t think our job is telling you what you want in your house. Our job is listening to what you know you want, and finding solutions for you to get what you are looking for in a house that fits your budget.


We help with the whole process.

Building a home is easy. Once you have the plans and the land, the actual construction of a house is straightforward. Not all builders will help you with issues outside of the construction, though.

We have good relationships with strategic partners, including Realtors and bankers, that we rely on to help us serve our customers well. Whether you need to find land, overcome credit issues, find a solution for your land title, or hit some other snag on the road to your dream home, we’re ready to help you address it and move forward. If we can’t provide the solution for you, chances are good that we know someone who can.

Who are we?

We’re a group of people with a common belief: everyone who has the dream of building on their land and creating a place where they can live with their families without being told what to do, without worrying about the neighbors, or without the whole world knowing what they’re up to when they step outside, deserves to do so.

Sometimes it’s hard to put all the pieces together. It takes work to figure out the combination of house, land, and budget that works for the needs of each specific client. But we believe that just because something’s difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

Other people may have that attitude, but not us. We step up alongside our customers and accept whatever challenges come with building their forever homes. We like doing it, and our customers are glad we do.