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Plans & Homes We’ve Built

Bring Us Your Ideas

Families come to us needing a change. They know what they want and bring sketches of their ideal homes that they hope to one day be living in.

Modify the Floor Plan

We learn about the families and work together to determine the best modifications to suit their lifestyles, increasing the value for their money.

Your Dream Is Realized

We work closely with them as we begin to build. We guide each other every step of the way, ensuring that when we hand them the key it opens the door to their dream home.

Amy's spacious three-bedroom home

Amy's family had very specific needs, so understandably, Amy wanted very specific design features to accommodate those needs. Amy and her husband both work from home, so it was important to have not just one—but two!—home offices.

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Ashley & Mike's homeschooling oasis

Ashley and her husband, Mike, have five children that they homeschool. That fact influenced a lot of our home design! They had removed the double-wide from the property they already owned in order to make room for the new brick home they had been dreaming of.

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Mandy and Todd's flexible custom home

For Mandy and her family, it was finally time to create the home of their dreams, instead of living in a home that had been built around someone else's dream. She and her husband, Todd, had been collecting ideas for years, and they were ready to see those ideas in their new home.

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Savannah's inviting, ADA accessible home

Savannah's family had a very unique set of requirements for their new custom home. Savannah shares her home with her mom, dad, and sister. Our job was to make sure that the home was beautiful and functional for everyone in the family, making an efficient use of the family's budget.

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Joseph's big, happy family home

From day one, Joseph made it clear he had some pretty specific requirements for his family, and he would get what he wanted. No builder was going to tell him what his family couldn't have. (That's our kind of client!)

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Dolores and Ram's efficient country home

Dolores and Ram had a tough set of requirements to meet. They wanted a home with at least three bedrooms, a big garage for vehicles and a small workspace, and modern touches that would contrast with the old, worn-out double wide they were leaving—all on a very limited budget.

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