Land Preparation

What makes building on rural land totally different from building in your standard neighborhood is the need to prepare that land for a home. This is never as simple as buying a piece of land and plopping a house on top of it.

No matter what challenges you might face with a piece of land, we’re up for it. Here’s what you can expect from land preparation.

Overcoming physical obstacles

Land Preparation

Each property comes with its own unique situation. We have to account for things like drainage, moving trees, moving and compacting dirt. In a neighborhood, land preparation is as simple as moving some dirt around. Electricity, water and sewage are all necessary utilities that you can’t take for granted when you’re building in the country.

We help make this easy for you by working with the local electricity cooperative to ensure that you can get electrical service extended to your land. And we’ll help you deal with issues that might arise with installing a septic system.


Overcoming logistical obstacles.

Sometimes no matter how normal a piece of land looks, there’s a problem with it that you didn’t see coming. There are times when a flood plain or flood way on the land will require more land prep or constructing the home at a different spot on the property. There are times when landowners run into issues with rights-of-way and easements that require some adjustment.

If that comes up on your property, we’ll be there to help you fix the issue and build the home.

Most builders run away from this sort of thing.

It’s a lot of work! Many a builder has left a landowner high and dry, expecting the landowner to do all the grunt work. That’s not how we see it. This home on this land is your dream, and we’ve got the experience and attitude to overcome any obstacle that a plot of land has to offer.

Road Map for Building on your Land