There’s always a reason (and usually many reasons!) why people choose to put in the work to build a home on their own land. We could give you examples, but we’d rather let our clients speak for themselves. Here are some of the reasons our clients have chosen to work with us in the past.

Jared S.

Turner & Son Homes is a reliable local contractor that possesses the knowledge, skills, and staff to deliver satisfactory homes to their clients. Through their time tested construction process they are able to achieve the optimal balance between schedule, cost, and quality necessary to meet their buyers needs.

Jared S. Edmond, OK January 20, 2016

The Wells Family

The current home on our property has been in existence for over 80 years. We love our property, and made the decision to build our new house there. Turner and Son was the first company we considered and we didn’t have to look any further.

We have worked closely with Tim and Athena, along with Todd. If it weren’t for all of Athena’s efforts in our home building process, we wouldn’t have a new home! From deciding on our house plans to coming up with a plan on removing our current home from the property (and of course making sure we will be able to give Kevin his building) Turner and Son has done everything to make our experience as stress-free as possible.

I appreciate how they are extremely personable, on-schedule, and always coming up with solutions. Early on, we ran into a stressful situation with the city wanting us to remove our current home before we could begin the building process. All along our plan was to remain in our current home until we could move into our new home.

Turner and Son backed us up 100% by helping foot some of the court costs as well as standing by our sides as we went in front of the city. They helped turn around this hiccup in our home-building experience and we were able to come up with an agreement with the city. Once this was resolved, they began the building process and have kept us involved step by step. It has been very exciting to be a part of the building process each day.

They have been great about staying in communication with us and I truly appreciate how they have kept the worksite extremely clean! This says a lot about their integrity. I highly recommend starting your home-building experience with Turner and Son—you won’t be disappointed!


The Wells Family March 9, 2016

Patrick & Billea Jarrels

Patrick and I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone at Turner Homes. Your company takes pride in their work and it shows in every way.

Tim Turner went above and beyond anything we could have ever excepted to make sure we got our home. But not just a home, our dream home. Which is something we will always be grateful for.

Once we met and began the project, everything that we desired in our new home was made a reality thanks to the expert sales and design teams. They were patient, knowledgeable, and a delight to work with. The construction teams were also very professional and friendly.

Distance was a challenge in our build. Being able to use local vendors and suppliers whenever possible was something we greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your dedication to our project, our family, and all that you have done for us.

Patrick & Billea Jarrels March 24, 2016

Ashley & Ron Astrino

After persistently researching for weeks, we decided that we wanted Turner and Son Homes to build our forever home. From the first phone call and meeting to the moment we received our keys, they provided overall superior customer service. They are easy to work with and go above and beyond to execute.

Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, but you’ll have that with a new build, regardless of the company you choose. What consummated our decision to go with this company was the fact that they never pressured us to sign a contract.

First they wanted to make sure it was the best choice for our family. To me, that shows they care about more than just their company’s gain and profit. They’re very informative and helpful. In fact, without their help we wouldn’t have even been able to build.

I truly believe they are all around the best! They love what they do and it certainly shows. Thank you Turner and Son Homes, we appreciate you and your extensive generosity!

Ashley & Ron Astrino June 15, 2016

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