The Building Process

Building the home itself is the most straight-forward part of the overall process. But doing it efficiently is the hard part.

Believe it or not, the best homes are built the quickest. That’s because the project is run efficiently, without a lot of waiting around. And that benefits you, since you aren’t waiting around for your home to be finished!

This is where good planning comes in. Planning and organization is where the magic happens, and that starts with our pre-construction meetings.

The Genesis

Our pre-construction meeting is the genesis of your new home. We’re preparing to put your dream home together, and together we’re going to lay out the journey so that the home is built the way that you want it. We include all of the details on plans instead of leaving things up to chance with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Here’s what happens during the building process:

Steps 1 and 2. Our project estimator and manager review your job
Step 3. Designer reviews
Steps 4-7. Each trade & supplier reviews, suggesting efficiency tweaks for better quality
Step 8. Project manager reviews one last time
Step 9. Customer review

In short, we’re thorough. We’ll build a home at least nine times on paper before we’ll move one shovel of dirt.

That last meeting is, for us, the most important. We’ve put together a project that we think is going to work the best to give you exactly what you want. But we’re not taking chances. You review the project and make sure that we’ve done right by your vision before that first shovel of dirt is thrown.

The Construction

We work diligently with our trades and suppliers before construction starts to ensure that there aren’t inefficiencies. We provide them with work orders, a scope of work, site conditions and full set of plans. And we review each phase to make sure that those documents are being conformed to.

Before you move into the home, it’s been thoroughly detailed. We clean, vacuum, wash the windows and make sure that nothing needs fixing.

The Orientation

Some builders might just hand you the keys and say “See you later!”, but that isn’t how we work. We’ll give you a new home orientation to make sure that you’re comfortable with how the home functions, where the breaker panel and water heater are. We’ll even show you the quirks of the home, like how to change the water heater temperature despite the government’s suggestion that you shouldn’t know how. By the time we hand over the keys, you’ll know exactly how your home functions and what you can expect.

Road Map for Building on your Land