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The Role of the Realtor in New Construction

There's often a perceived disconnect between Realtors (or real estate agents) and builders. With custom homes, both parties work with the home buyer but usually have different agendas they bring to the table. 

That's not how we work with Realtors, though. We value Realtors. You do a great job of keeping up-to-date with trends in homes and buying habits, and that's expertise that we appreciate. We respect the time, training, and knowledge it takes to be a quality Realtor.

When working with other builders as a Realtor or real estate agent, you might find it’s a complicated process. But it doesn’t have to be. Explore what it is like to work with Turner & Son homes on a build.

What are the benefits of selling new homes?

If you’ve been hesitant about working on new construction, you shouldn’t be. With the housing market booming, there is an increased demand for homes, especially custom ones.

But if you’re still unsure, here are some benefits of selling a new home:

Cost Square Foot

Increased home inventory

When the market is in short supply, new builds are a tangible way to get buyers in the door. Inventory for new builds is only limited by builder capacity and lots available, which is much more flexible than the existing reselling supply.

down payment

Simpler process

You don’t have to worry about the former homeowners, post-inspection repairs, and concessions. You work with the builder instead of playing peacekeeper between a few different parties.


Calms first-time buyer jitters

With a tight markaet, many homes go from open house to bidding war in a matter of days. A new buyer may be overwhelmed by this process — but by selling new homes, it’ll be easier to keep your buyer happy.

What is the process of working with
Turner & Son Homes on a new build?

Learn more about coaching your clients, how our process works, 
and what some of our satisfied customers have to say about working with us.

Download our realtor guide!


How should my clients choose a builder?

Our complete guide will prepare you and your clients for a consultation with a builder.

9 questions to ask a builder.


What should we watch out for?

You can never be too cautious or too thorough when looking for a partner to 
build your forever home. This checklist will help you stay organized in your search.

download comparison checklist.

Frequently asked questions

We know that partnering with a builder can be a nerve-wracking venture,
especially when you look at the bottom line.
But, unlike our competition, despite the increased cost of lumber and other building supplies,
we aren’t putting that burden on Realtors or real estate agents .
99.9 percent of all Realtors work on commission, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.
We promise that our commission rates will stay at 3% — no matter how the market fluctuates.

A relationship between a builder and a real estate agent tends to be a mutually beneficial source of referrals.
So building and maintaining connections with Realtors is a high priority for us.
We know that custom homes can take a long time to complete, especially if there is an issue with the land or title. 

When we work with Realtors, we make sure you get paid your commission when the slab is poured and not at the final closing of the house.
It's just one of the ways we show our appreciation for the excellent work you do.

We work closely with Realtors and real estate agents throughout the buying and building process. A good builder process has you at the center,
liaising between the buyer and to help them realize their dream home.
Plus, your commission will never increase the cost of your buyer’s home, which is just one more weight off your mind!

Some specific tasks you’ll do include:

• Negotiating price and build upgrades. 
• Interpreting the contract and the buyer’s rights. 
• Performing analysis of reports, blueprints, and floor plans. 
• Advising the buyer and asking thoughtful questions. 
• Escorting the buyer around the property at various stages of the build.

At Turner & Son, you’ll be an appreciated part of the team — every step of the way.

No, we do not offer construction loans. And as new construction financing operates differently than other traditional mortgages, you should seek out a specialist for your loan. We have a short list of partners we’d be happy to get you in touch with.

Unfortunately, we do not purchase land or lots for the real estate agents we work with. However, we have a list of land developers and subdividers we enjoy working with and will connect you to.

No, clients don't need a floor plan or land to get started on a project with us.

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