There are a lot of things that have changed since we began in 1964, but there’s at least one thing that hasn’t: people like you still want to live the way you want, and you don’t like it when other people like builders or homeowner’s associations tell you what you can and can’t have in your home.

It’s not just about the house, either. It’s about living the way you want to live. It doesn’t matter if you want to live in a neighborhood or outside the city. What matters is the freedom to make your own decisions, live your own lives without being told what to do, and educate your kids the way you think they should be educated.

Do you want to ride your 4-wheelers in the back yard? You should be able to do it!

We know that there are still quite a few people who don’t want a builder telling them what they can, or should, put in their home, or telling them they can’t afford the huge covered patio because the builder already spent too much on the bad roof design that cost more in cut-off lumber pieces than the rafters that actually got installed.Happy family

There’s a lot of work that goes into figuring out how to design a house without all that waste. But designing and building a home without that waste leaves room in the budget to get in that extra bedroom, playroom, or homeschool room. It’s work that’s worth doing.

We’re a lone wolf builder, doing what everyone else says can’t be done. To be honest, we love the challenge. When we solve that tough design problem that finally makes it possible for a family to build on their land and live out their dream, seeing the looks on the faces of the husband and wife who had almost given up makes all the work worthwhile.

There are huge challenges involved in building on people’s land that we never foresaw when we decided to help the people who had that dream. We’ve conquered many of them, sometimes through a painful learning process, but always with a great end result for a family who had nowhere else to turn.

We’re not just a home-building company. We’re a company of neighbors who will fight tooth and nail to help our neighbors get the life they want and deserve. We’re troubleshooters and problem-solvers. We relentlessly pursue solutions for our customers. We’re not looking for the easy jobs, and because of that, our peers think we’re crazy. Maybe we are, but we can’t resist the challenge.