Dolores and Ram’s efficient country home

The Story

The Story

Dolores and Ram had a tough set of requirements to meet. They wanted a home with at least three bedrooms, a big garage for vehicles and a small workspace, and modern touches that would contrast with the old, worn-out double wide they were leaving—all on a very limited budget.

They loved their land, though, and the freedom they found there. So a big, covered patio was important, too! Our focus in this home design needed to be radical efficiency: making sure that their budget would get them the most important items on their list, with nothing wasted.

A nearly-rectangular design and a modular floor layout efficiently used space and materials—every corner costs money! Because of those two efficiencies, there was enough room left in Dolores and Ram’s budget for what they really wanted:

  • Huge kitchen, with high-end appliances, and room for a full upright freezer and a full refrigerator next to it
  • Lots of ceramic floor tile, making it easier to clean up the “great outdoors” that always seems to find its way indoors
  • Huge covered back patio with room for the grill and patio furniture all under cover
  • Big front porch—big enough for a porch swing and a rocker (with room to spare!)
  • Custom-built shower in the master, plus a whirlpool tub. Just what Dolores always wanted!

By really paying attention to what Dolores and Ram wanted in their home, we were able to stick to their budget and give them the features they were really hoping for.

The Floor Plan

Dolores Notes

Key Features

  • Walls and support structure run straight through, making this plan very cost-effective
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The Finished Home

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