Build Your Dream Home on Your Land

    Some people are happy buying a new house, or even a fixer-upper, but others have specific needs (or a specific taste) and nothing short of custom design will do. Are you one of these people?

    Maybe you have decided where you want to live and there are no houses for sale that you like, or perhaps you already own a piece of land and just want to build your home on it. If you have or are interested in acquiring a piece of land, custom building your dream home on your land could be the perfect opportunity! Finding land doesn't have to be difficult, either. Homebuilders that build on your land can take your vision to reality with your house plans. Some may even be able to offer a virtual tour of your home before a single stone has been laid down - there are design centers and software that allow this, so you can start your home build with greater confidence.

    In this blog post, you'll learn more about what it's like to build on your land!

    Planning Your New Home 

    When someone decides to work with home builders that build on your land, the most exciting part is usually planning their new home. Home plans for your custom home are all about making your dreams come true. Whether you're looking to include extra space to homeschool your children, get away from the stresses of corporate life, or  live more in tune with nature, Turner and Son are here to help with the custom planning and custom building of your dream home

    The first step in designing your home plans is to think about your vision. What is it that you really want to feel and experience in your dream home?

    Next, think about the architectural style for your dream home. What are the things that you absolutely must have in your floor plan? Is there a specific size for each bedroom? Do you want a homeschool classroom? What about a man cave or crafting room? What about the look of the home itself? Home design is very important when it comes to your forever home.

    Of course, you know that you'll want to consider important design elements for your dream home such as tile, flooring, cabinets, and counters. You should also consider windows, heating, and air conditioning to help ensure that your custom home is energy efficient. After all, as your forever home, you want to make sure that you're as happy as you can be.

    Home plans for your custom home are all about making your dreams come true.

    The thought of finding a builder to help with your house plans and floor plans on your own land may seem daunting. And what about your budget? The good news is that Turner & Son can help you with both. Turner & Son can help bring your vision to reality with your custom build on your land even if you only have a general idea of your plans. As for your budget, we understand how important your budget is and we aren't here to pressure you on things you don't want or need. We're here to help stick to the plan without nasty budget surprises. You can learn more about our entire process by clicking here!

    Build on Your Land 

    Cookie-cutter backyards with neighbors six inches away? Homeowners Association fine over a flag pole that's five inches too tall? Nosy neighbors? No thanks! If you have a piece of land, you can bring your dream home from vision to reality. While building a home on your land sounds expensive, you can find a home builder who respects your budget. Custom building on a piece of land you own is a great option because you get to put your home design on land that you love. If you don't own land, finding land doesn't have to be difficult. Turner & Son can help.

    Imagine waking up in an area you love without worrying about your nosy neighbor or the property line because of a fence your other neighbor put too close to your property. Imagine being able to put up a basketball goal or flag pole that an HOA may have fined you for having. There is absolutely nothing better than the freedom of living your best life in your dream home on your own piece of land!

    If you're looking for home builders that build on your land, Turner & Son can help. We can help you customize your floor plan and home design to fit your land, help you find the right professionals for utilities, sewage, and other necessities, and we can even help you find the perfect piece of land if you need to buy it! To learn more about how Turner & Son can help you with your house plans.

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