For Realtors

There’s often a perceived disconnect between Realtors and builders. With custom homes, both parties work with the home buyer, but usually have different agendas they bring to the table.

That’s not how we work with Realtors, though. We value Realtors. They do a great job of keeping up-to-date with trends in homes and buying habits, and that’s expertise that we definitely appreciate. We respect the time, training, and knowledge it takes to be a quality Realtor.

Because of that respect, building and maintaining connections with Realtors is a high priority for us. Those relationships tend to become mutually beneficial referral sources, as well.

We know that custom homes can take a long time to complete, especially if there is an issue with the land or title. When we work with Realtors, we make sure they get paid their commission when the slab is poured and not at the final closing of the house. It’s just one of the ways we show our appreciation for the good work they do.

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About Us

Turner and Son Homes was founded in 1964 (as Turner Building Company) with one very simple philosophy: If you’re going to build homes people want to buy, you’d better figure out how to build what people want at a price they can afford. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s surprisingly hard to execute.