Why we love Realtors

    Realtors and home builders could do so much together. I don't understand why there's often such skepticism toward one another. At Turner and Son, we love our Realtors.

    It's important to know what you don't know, and there's a lot that both Realtors and home builders know that the other may not. That's why we've found it so crucial to build good relationships with the Realtors in our area.

    Realtors market themselves very well, and will inevitably attract some buyers that they just can't help. After all, when some buyers are looking at homes that are for sale, it's becomes clear that they might be better off building their own home rather than trying to be content in a pre-existing one.

    Because we have good relationships with local Realtors, they know that once that conversation about building starts, they can send those buyers our way and we'll guide them through the process from start to finish. And we won't cut the Realtor out of the deal.

    Realtors are helpful to us in many other ways as well. Sometimes they connect us with a lender that we may not have known about. They inform us of a piece of land in their area that we know will be good for one of our clients. They help us with their knowledge of a particular community and its own land value tendencies. Sometimes they know of a problem that a builder new to area wouldn't know.

    For those reasons and many more, we love our Realtors and continue to treat them the way we know they should be treated. And when Realtors have construction-related questions or even construction issues that come up during an inspection, we're happy to help.

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