How Fast Can You Build a Home?

    When thinking about building a custom home, you might also be thinking that you have to choose between speed or quality. After all, many people associate speed with shoddy work. But that's not always the case.

    Speed in the Building Process

    True speed doesn't mean being in a hurry. It means being organized, efficient, and well planned.

    With the right custom home builder, you can get speed and quality all in one.

    The length of time it takes to build a home isn't about how quickly different parts of the house are built. It's about scheduling, planning, and knowing what to expect through the entire process.

    Speed in the building process comes from:

    • -Avoiding schedule gaps between contracts through efficient planning and organization
    • -Reducing rework caused by poor documentation and bad planning
    • -Eliminating changes that come from lack of thinking through how things will look and function once the house is built

    Speed saves you time

    With speed coming from efficient planning and foresight, speed saves you time in the building process. And saving time saves you money. Less time means less interest on your construction loan.

    Less time means less exposure to the elements for your in-progress home. And less time means less exposure to the randomness of life, like things getting broken or lost in the construction process.

    Speed gives you quality

    While speed reduces the time and saves you money, it also increases the quality. To be fast, you have to be efficient. To be efficient, you have to know all the details, plan them out, and have everything ready to go. When a contractor knows all the details up front and can plan his work, he spends more time on his craft and less time chasing information.

    So if you're thinking a speedy construction will decrease the quality of your custom home, it might be time to rethink that. Efficient, speedy construction jobs are higher quality and cost less. And that's a win-win.
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