A quick build for quality's sake

    creating-scheduleHere's a counter-intuitive concept: when you're building a home on your own land, speed is your friend.

    Traditionally, we like to think of the image of the master craftsman taking the time to make sure every hand-made piece fits just right. We expect that quality craftsmanship will take time.

    I would say that's a great image. Many builders have such craftsmen in their subcontractor base, as well they should. But while craftsmanship may take time, it's up to the builder to have an tight, efficient schedule for the build. Because what happens to that craftsmanship after it sits untouched for weeks waiting for the next painstakingly-created detail?

    Imagine your wood moldings, with tightly-fitted joints, slowly shriveling or swelling in the unconditioned air of your unfinished home. If your builder's schedule is so loose that the house will wait two or three weeks between the molding installation and the painter's work, there's no protection of paint or stain for that beautiful molding.

    Or what about the frame material that got rained on six times because the builder ordered the material three weeks before the framer arrived?

    These are just a few examples of why a slow home build isn't always the best option. And those are only examples of weather damage, not human damage. Of course you want expert craftsmen working on your home. You should. But part of what makes an expert, well, an expert, is that they can create excellent work in a timely manner.

    And part of being an expert builder requires scheduling efficiently, so that work gets completed quickly, with little time for damage from people or nature.

    There's no need to rush and put out shoddy work, and it's not even really about a craftsman working at breakneck speed. A quick home build comes down to organizing the schedule so there are fewer gaps in the work. It's about efficiency. And an efficient home build typically goes up quickly with relatively few challenges of the type you'd find in a home that took longer to build.

    A quick home build, with skilled craftsmen, is a quality home build.

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