Ratings & Reviews: Oklahoma's Best Custom Home Builders

    Since we talk to dozens of people in the market to build a new home in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, as well as hundreds of Realtors working to help their clients find the right builder, we get asked frequently about our thoughts on the many, many builders in the Oklahoma City area.

    Building a new home is a big deal. It's a big investment of time and money, the biggest investment most people make in a lifetime. In Oklahoma, there is very little regulation of the home building industry, and it's very difficult for the average person to know how to evaluate all the choices. To make matters worse, there is a very low barrier to entry into the home building business - I think all you need is a pickup truck and a tape measure. How are you supposed to choose?

    Unfortunately, I think many people end up choosing by some combination of price per square foot and "standard features" (that term "standard features" makes my skin crawl - as if you are a "standard person" and should just accept what a builder installs "standard" because he thinks that's what you should have in your house... but I digress).

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    Home Building Experience

    Maybe I can help a little. My family has been in the home building business in Oklahoma since 1964. My dad knows just about everyone in the business, and over the last 18 years, I've studied the industry through the lens of a mechanical engineering background.

    Seems like we ought to know who the best builders are in Oklahoma City, so it only makes sense to share. So, here is my opinion of the top 3 home builders in Oklahoma City:

    Matt Wilson Custom Homes & Pools

    Matt has been building fine custom homes in Oklahoma for over 30 years. He is well-known and respected among his peers in the home building industry, and his clients rave about him. One unique thing about Matt is that he is well-respected among the various sub-contractors that have worked for him for years, which demonstrates a great deal of integrity.

    Beacon HomeS

    Beacon has been around since 2003, and I know the two owners, Eric and Andy, personally. You won't find two gentlemen with higher character and integrity, and I know just enough about their business practices to know they run a first-rate business. For the consumer, that means finely-tuned processes that make for an efficient and cost-effective home building process.

    SWM & Sons Custom Homes

    Stan and Barbara Malaske started their building company in 1982, and build mostly in eastern Oklahoma County. I only know them by reputation, but that reputation is solid. One little secret about the home building business is that builders and Realtors usually don't get along well - because of Stan Malaske's stellar reputation among Realtors, I trust Stan's honesty and integrity by that reputation alone. SWM & Sons is a well-respected competitor among builders in eastern Oklahoma County, including Harrah, Choctaw, and areas around Tinker.


    These are 3 solid builders to consider if you're wanting to build a new home in or around Oklahoma City.

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