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    time and money investment

    How To Invest The Time & Money to Build a New Home

    We all know that having a custom home built requires a significant investment of money. What many people overlook is the investment of time. In today's age of manufactured products, we tend to think that we can write a check or hand over the credit card then sit back and wait for our new car, computer, or whatever else to get delivered.
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    frustrated with builder

    Don't Let a Home Builder Ruin Your Land

    Building a house is a complex task, and there are many builders capable of doing a good job on that task. Developing land is another thing, and it's not a skill that every builder possesses. Honestly, it's not a skill the vast majority of builders possess. But more and more builders are advertising that they will build on your land because the...
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    Choosing flooring

    Building a new house - Why a builder uses certain manufacturers

      In any home, there are lots of manufactured products: appliances, pipes, drywall, paint, lights, faucets, toilets, windows, shingles, doors, and much more. All of those products come together to create your new home. The builder (or you as the customer) must specify a manufacturer for each of those items. Many people assume that a builder...
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    Plumber installing sink

    Building on my land - Will contractor mistakes make my house cost more?

        Everyone, contractors especially, make mistakes while building a home on your land. Sometimes it's due to poor communication, other times poor documentation is to blame, and other times it's just simple human error. But when mistakes happen, who pays for them? That generally depends on the type of contract you have in place with your...
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    garden shed

    Building a shop on your land - What to watch out for

        Sometimes a shop building is a nice thing to have, whether you plan to use it for storing lawn equipment, vehicle maintenance, as a garden shed, or for any other hobby or practical purpose. Whether you're building just a shop, or building a shop while building a home on your land, it's important to do it right! Here are a few tips for...
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    Countdown to new house

    How long does it take to build a house?

      When it comes to building a custom home, every client wants to know how long it takes to build a house. You may be thinking about when to put your current house on the market or trying to line up temporary housing while building the new home. Or you may just want to know when you can move in to your dream home. Generally, six to eight months...
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    house plans

    House plans - Not a do-it-yourself item

    Emily came to us with a house plan she created herself. It had everything she had been dreaming about, and now she just needed to find a builder who could build it within her budget. We weren't the first builder she had interviewed, and we weren't the last.
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    land for sale

    How to Make the Right Offer When Buying Land

    When it comes to buying land to build a custom home, there are a lot of factors to consider: location, access, cost to clear the land, cost to run utilities, and so much more. And finding land can be much harder than finding a house for sale, because land isn't always listed for sale in the same ways. So when you find the right land, you don't...
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    Dreaming of home

    Can Every Home Builder Really Build on Your Land?

    Any competent builder can build a good house, but building the house is only about half the process. More and more companies are saying they can build on your land, but is that really true? Do they have the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of building on raw land?
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