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    reviewing home plans

    Custom Home Tip: Will It Ever Be Perfect?

    Here's a secret about the custom home industry that many people don't realize: No house is going to be perfect. Yes, you read that right. It doesn't matter how experienced your home builder is, even the most experienced builders won't build a perfect house. Here's why.
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    skeptical woman with contract

    Builder contracts: Don't get stuck with a builder you don’t like

    Today I'm going to tell you a story about Mike and Jan. Their names have been changed, but the story details are true. They signed a contract with a builder and made a $7,500 deposit based on the builder's promise that he could build the house they dreamed of within their budget. But when it came time to create the house plan, the builder...
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    House plan options

    Cost per square foot for new homes: Can I shrink a house plan to make it less expensive?

    Early in the process of building a custom home, many people will look around online at a range of house plans to start getting some ideas of what they want. That's a good thing, really, because it helps define your priorities so you can discuss them with your builder during the actual design process.
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    luxury bathroom

    All About Builder-Grade Materials & Brands

    I hear the term "builder-grade materials" a lot, but it's not an industry term. There's no official definition for it. When I hear someone say it, they usually mean it in a negative way. They're saying that builder-grade materials are the cheapest and poorest quality possible and are usually lower quality than materials available to the general...
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    Teen girl in bedroom

    Floor Plans for The Perfect Teen Retreat

    Many of the clients we work with to build a custom home have teenagers, which often results in specific design requests. Sometimes that means extra bathrooms, sometimes it means teenager bedrooms with some privacy, and sometimes it means space for friends to hang out.
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    Gun safe keypad

    House plans: Build a space for the gun safe

    For families with guns in their home, a gun safe is a necessary safety component to include in the home. But they're big, heavy, and awkward. Plus, you generally want your gun safe to be hidden. So where do you put it?
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    Muddy dog

    The Most Innovative Feature To Add To Your Floor Plan for Muddy Dogs and Kids

    In the second part of our series on coolest home design ideas suggested by our clients, we're going to talk about muddy dogs and kids. For many of our clients, building a custom home on their land provides an opportunity to create both indoor and outdoor living spaces for the entire family. And that includes the four-legged family members. But...
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    family unloading groceries

    House plans: Best ideas for big families

    Over the many years I've been working in custom home construction, I've met some pretty cool families that had amazing ideas for design features in their homes. The next few articles are going to highlight specific house plan ideas and features that came from our clients.
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