Joseph’s big, happy family home

The Story

The Story

From day one, Joseph made it clear he had some pretty specific requirements for his family, and he would get what he wanted. No builder was going to tell him what his family couldn’t have. (That’s our kind of client!)

Joseph has a big family—six kids, all homeschooled, and aging parents living in the home. He didn’t want to live in a neighborhood where people would tell him what his house should look like, or where neighbor kids could be a bad influence on his kids. His priorities were based on his family’s needs.

  • Lots of space—space to be together and space to get away from each other when needed!
  • Separate living space for Joseph’s parents (complete with kitchen and laundry too!)
  • Two sets of laundry hookups in the laundry room so that several loads a day don’t become a bottleneck
  • Custom features made possible by efficient use of Joseph’s budget:
    • Solid wood six-panel doors
    • Two 80-gallon hot water tanks
    • Two refrigerators
    • Four-car garage

By making Joseph’s house a two-story design, we were able to create a cost-effective design that incorporated all the features he wanted to provide for his family.

The Floor Plan

1st Floor

1st Floor

2nd floor

2nd Floor

Key Features

  • A second story is a great efficient, cost-effective way to get more square feet — because you’ve already budgeted for the foundation, slab, and roof anyway!
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The Finished Home

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