Luxury Custom Home - What Goes Into Making a Dream Home?

    If you’re looking for the perfect home, you may be unimpressed with the majority of what is being built and offered in Oklahoma. You are probably an exacting person with high standards, attentive to detail, and looking for a custom home builder who will make your luxury house dreams come true.

    What makes a luxury house a luxury home?

    The word “luxury” may conjure images of solid gold faucets, but that is not what real luxury is. The main difference between one of our custom luxury homes and the average home on the market is our obsession with quality.

    High-quality materials, along with careful planning and building, are how real luxury is built. You can’t put a price on complete peace of mind regarding your home’s safety and durability. Better materials also look and feel better, enhancing your everyday living.

    Another aspect of our luxury homes that sets them apart from the rest are the amenities. Your home should reflect your lifestyle and taste, and so while some families expect a pool or a cinema room, others might prefer a wine cellar or a hot tub. Think as far out of the box as you like - ballet room, kitchen garden, art gallery… your home is yours to dream up and design, and we will build it to your liking.

    Where can I find luxury home designs?

    The question you have to ask yourself is, why do you want a design that’s already out there? The whole point of a custom luxury home is that it’s designed especially for you and your family, your needs and preferences. And while many people ask “Why does it seem architects only design high-end homes?” the truth is that it’s just optics. Architects design homes of all sizes and budgets, but only the spectacular ones get featured in the covers of magazines.

    As luxury home builders, we have built homes for all sorts of owners and families, and no two have been alike. But we have created the perfect home for each of them, which would still not be the perfect home for you. Only you know what your dream home looks like, and we can help you design and build it.

    Having talked about luxury, let’s focus on the custom aspect for a moment.

    Why Invest in a Custom Luxury home?

    It’s your home, where you and your family will spend a large amount of time. If you can afford the best, why not get the best?

    TS Highlight - Luxury Custom Homes

    A custom home is all about you, from the land you choose to build on, to the floor plans, finishes, and every other aspect of the construction. Your custom home will be completely unique, and last for decades thanks to great engineering, the best materials, and impeccable building practices. 

    How long does it take to design and build a custom home?

    Perfection takes time... but it might not be as long as you think. It will all depend on many factors:

    • The land where the house will be built
    • The size of the house
    • The complexity of the floor plans and construction
    • The type of amenities you choose

    However long it takes, we can assure you the building experience will be a great one. We have many testimonials from happy customers who loved the customer service they received from us; and who felt supported, heard, and understood from start to finish.

    Architectural Design

    Your home should make you happy when you’re inside, but it should also make you proud from the outside. We will ask many questions and keep you involved during the design process, to make sure both the inside and outside of your home speak of you and make you happy. 

    Floor Plans

    The internet is full of floor plans, and none of them was designed with you in mind. Cookie-cutter floor plans have no place in a custom luxury home, and no amount of interior design can lift a drab floor plan and make it majestic and unique. 

    We make plans that reflect and enhance the lives of our customers, down to the last cupboard placement and window height. Don’t settle for what the “average customer” supposedly needs - build a house that suits you like a glove 

    Taking The First Step

    Call us today. Our team will be happy to answer all of your questions, suggest ideas you may have not thought of, and assist you throughout the entire design and building process. From choosing and acquiring land down to the last detail, we will be by your side until you walk happily into your new home… and even then, we will be checking up to see if everything is running smoothly.

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