Home Design Tips for Your Dream Home

    It can be next to impossible to find the perfect home in the market and within budget. And finding the right home plans among those that already exist? That can also be a struggle. That's why so many people just like you decide to work with designers and architects for the purpose of home design for their dream home. If you want to live there forever and enjoy your ideal lifestyle, shouldn't your home plans reflect everything that's important to you?

    We know that home design and planning to build your dream home with the floor plan you want can be overwhelming. In this post, you will learn more about what a floor plan is, the characteristics of a good floor plan, and how to choose the right pro builder. Choosing the right pro builder is important because it is an important factor in the cost to build your home plans.

    What Is a Floor Plan? 

    A floor plan is also known as a house plan. It details how one level of your dream home should be laid out. For example, if you were interested in a modern farmhouse floor plan, the first floor would have a kitchen, bathroom, hallways, and living room. If you are interested in wrap-around porches, you would also want to think about the porch railing and whether you would like to have ceiling fans or a porch swing. It would also include a garage plan and whether you would like a walkout basement, storm cellar, or safe room.

    In addition to a detailed layout of each room you want, the floor plans in your home design should also explain important details such as the location and style of doors and windows, and any room features that really speak to your architectural style and soul.  

    If you aren't sure where to start, you can always look online for ideas. Pinterest is a great place to find farmhouse plans that might inspire you to design your own floor plans. The designers of Turner & Son can help you with the perfect home design for your dream home, regardless of whether you're interested in farmhouse plans or something a little more you!

    A floor plan details how one level of your dream home should be laid out.

    What Are the Characteristics of a Good Floor Plan? 

    Because your floor plan is for your dream home and it is a place that you want to be happy in for the rest of your life, it is so very important for you to understand the characteristics of a good floor plan so that your house design ideas can become a comfortable reality that you want to come home to for the rest of your life! What good is a dream house if you're unhappy once it's built?

    • It has all the features you want and it supports your ideal lifestyle. The home plans for your dream house are supposed to support your ideal lifestyle. It is the place where you are supposed to look forward to being. Your home plans need to have all of the features you want that support your ideal lifestyle. Designers and architects along with interior designers and pro builders need to support this.
    • Bedrooms aren't close to entertainment spaces. Bedrooms are meant to be a place of rest and refuge. This may be particularly important if you have children and less important if you really enjoy entertaining.
    • Take measurements of your furniture as you design your floor plans. Nothing is worse than thinking you've designed and built your perfect dream house only to move in your furniture and realizing that the room is too small. Ensuring that you have the right-sized rooms before the build takes place can help you avoid this. You should also measure doorways as well!
    • Pay attention to your lighting choices as well as the windows in each room. If you love the sunrise in the morning, decide how important it is to have windows facing the east. If you prefer natural lighting in the living room during a certain time of day (or want to avoid it), that's another consideration. Lighting plays a big part in making a home feel like home. Designing with both natural and artificial light in mind is one of the most important characteristics of a good floor plan.
    • The ability for you to use the space however you want - now and in the future. For this, we are going to use a homeschooling classroom as an example. At some point, you may not need the space as a homeschooling classroom. Is the space designed in a way that is flexible enough for you to do something else with it? Keep flexibility in mind when planning your home design.

    Choosing the Right Pro Builder 

    Home design for your dream house is exciting, but the building costs can be a frightening thought. In addition to the research and thought you put into your design and budget, one of the biggest keys is choosing the right pro builder for your home plans. With Turner & Son, we agree on a price and stick to it as closely as possible, keeping it in mind through the design and building process. This gives you more control over your budget. 

    Additionally, the right pro builder isn't going to pressure you into architectural styles and floor plans that just don't make you happy. You won't be pressured into making changes just because it suits them. The right pro builder understands that this is your dream house. And they are all about helping you with your home building and fulfilling your dream.

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