New Home Plan and Design Tips for Your Dream Home

    If you're dreaming of a new home plan and design, Turner & Son is here to help. We are pro builders who pride ourselves on helping you create your dream home plans while providing an amazing customer service experience.

    In this exclusive house plans trends post, we are excited to talk about home plans for different architectural styles. Want to talk about your new home plan and design? Turner & Son is excited to hear from you! We can help you even if you aren't sure where to start.

    How to Get Started Creating your dream House Plans 

    It is exciting to brainstorm a new home plan and design, especially if you're thinking about your dream home. Yet, it can also be overwhelming. If you want to get started working on your house plans, start small. First, think about the basic house designs that you like. Maybe you like the modern farmhouse architectural style. Maybe you prefer a Country or French-style home.

    Country style home

    It's also possible to like certain elements from certain home plans. Maybe you don't love Victorian-style homes, but you love how many of them have wrap-around porches. So, start with what you know you like. From there, you can use Pinterest to create boards to hold ideas for floor plans you like.

    Popular Architectural Styles 

    To help you get started here's our exclusive house plans trends report on popular architectural styles for dream homes.

    Modern art deco

    If you've been in Midtown or downtown, you've noticed a build-out of new apartment complexes with squared-off balconies and bronze or silver accents along the apartment buildings. The buildings also have parking garages and lots of glass. We're referring to this as modern art deco because the colors aren't quite as vibrant and the edges of the buildings are pointed instead of smooth. Generally, art deco is found more often in commercial properties than home plans, but it is a great dream home for anyone who enjoys a modern, clean look with just a little ornamentation.

    Colonial style

    The colonial architectural style has a symmetrical look and generally has quite a small porch. However, when designing your own home plan, you can also add a wrap-around porch.


    A craftsman home is also referred to as a bungalow. It is referred to as a craftsman because of its generous use of natural materials and display of building techniques. They often have big porches and an open floor plan.

    Modern farmhouse

    The modern farmhouse style takes the aesthetic that you know and love from the farmhouse architectural design and combines it with the sleek lines found in the contemporary style. It generally involves warm, simple styling. If you dream of farmhouse plans, we can make those happen.

    The Family Getaway 

    Often, home building is all about creating a family getaway. Everyone has an ideal lifestyle that they want to live, and finding the perfect setting to bring your home plans to fruition is often a dream come true.

    Our best tip when creating home plans to act as a family getaway is to take everyone's opinion into consideration. What are everyone's thoughts, desires, and ideas? Is there a way to honor as many of these as possible so that the dream home is the family getaway that everyone truly enjoys?

    Highlighted text - Often, home building is all about creating a family getaway.

    New Home Plan and Design: Bathrooms! 

    It's also important to consider the number of bathrooms you both want and need in your new home plan and design. If you want a two-story (or larger) home, think about how many bathrooms you want on each floor. Also, do you want full baths or half-baths? What sort of bathtub or shower would you like? It's your dream home. It should be designed to meet your needs and your desires! (Dads, there are few things worse than being outdaughtered if you don't have enough bathrooms!)

    What Type of Garage Do You Want? 

    Let’s talk garage plans: garages are an important part of a home’s layout and design, and they are often overlooked. There are a couple of important considerations we would like to bring to your attention. First, let's talk about cars. How many cars do you own? How many do you want to have the ability to park in the garage? Did you know that more than 20% of single-family homes built since 2013 include a three-car garage? Consider your honest needs. Remember that this is Oklahoma: storm season means hail damage. 

    Next, think about other items you want to keep in the garage or activities your garage will be used for. Does anyone like to work on cars? Will you need extra storage space for sports gear or holiday decor? Your garage should be considered an extension of your home plan and designed with care.

    Plan Your New Home Plan and Design with Turner & Son 

    We hope you're dreaming of your new home plan and design! At Turner & Son, we understand and support the importance of the dream home and we're here to help. As a fixed-cost builder, we want to help you get the most from your dream home budget. To learn more about our process or to learn how we can help you live the dream home life, contact us today!

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