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    installing faucet

    Build on Your Land: Trim, Paint, Flooring, Countertops, and Fixtures

    Things like trim, paint, flooring, countertops, and fixtures are all called "finishes," but they're far from finished. It's not really a new home until the builder hands you the keys. Until then, it's a work in progress.
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    Architects at a construction site looking at blueprints and pointing

    Build on Your Land: Mistakes and Misunderstandings

    Contractors make mistakes. Your builder makes mistakes. Then they fix them. They don't make mistakes because they're lazy, incompetent, or don't care. They make them because they're human.
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    installing drywall

    Build on Your Land: Insulation and Drywall, When Rooms Take Shape

    Once all the rough installations in your home are complete and inspections done, it's time to install wall insulation and drywall. This is when your home really starts to take shape!
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    framing house-2

    Build on Your Land: Framing through Rough-ins

    The most exciting part of the custom home building process for the owner is framing. There's lots of visible progress and mistakes aren't readily apparent so you're not stressed. You get excited and think, "At this rate, we'll be done in no time!"
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    Engineer at a construction site making a business call

    Build on Your Land: Nobody is on the Job Today! Get that Builder on the Phone!

    You're in the middle of having a custom home built, and it's exciting to see your dream being built right before your eyes. But you visit the job site, and it's the third day in a row nothing is happening. You think your builder, or his contractors, must be dragging their feet!
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    Couple meeting consultant for financial contract

    Build on Your Land: Home Building 101, or Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

    You're watching your brand-new home appear before your eyes, and it's exciting! But remember this one key idea: There's only one consumer product that's manufactured outside in the heat, cold, wind, rain, and bugs. It's also manufactured by human hands with natural materials. That one product is your custom home.
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    pouring slab

    Build on Your Land: Loan is Closed, Permit Bought. What's Next?

    You've managed all the details required for designing your home, contracting with a builder, obtaining the construction loan, and getting the necessary permits. Now it's time to build! So, what happens now?
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    signing contract

    Build on Your Land: Contract is Signed, So We Start Building Tomorrow, right?

    You've done all the emotional, difficult work of planning, tweaking, compromising, and creating the plan for your home. Your builder has been right there beside you, guiding the way. You've agreed on the plans, the details, and the dollar investment, so now it's time to start building.
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    discussing house plans

    Build on Your Land: Going Back and Forth to Get the Right Plan, Right Details, Right Price

    Let's be completely honest for a minute. Building a house on your own land is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort for you as the owner, and not everyone is ready for that. How committed are you to your dream?
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