Don't give up on your home

    How much do you really want to build that custom home on your land?

    Do you want it enough to endure the whole process, from finding and buying land (and worrying about whether the land will really work for you), to finding a builder, then a banker? From designing that perfect home, to worrying about whether you can afford it, and then living through the stress of watching the slow process of building?

    Now, you're probably used to home builders emphasizing all the positives of building on your land—trying to sell you on the idea. But if you have the dream of living on your own land, away from the noise of town and nosy neighbors, you're already sold on the idea.

    I do want to encourage you not to give up, though. It can be a lot of hassle to build your family's home on your own land, but it can be an even greater joy. Seek the joy in the chance to live your dream—to build your forever home on your land, and live the life you've dreamt about for yourself and your family.

    Find the builder who wants to bring you that joy and understands your dream. That builder will help you clear the hurdles that come up from the start to the finish of the project.

    We see over and over again that the people who are really motivated to live in their forever home on their own land are the ones who see it through to the end. You might be tempted to quit out of fear of screwing up or not finding the right land, but if you have someone you trust helping you through the process, that lowers the hurdles for you.

    When we began transitioning from being a builder who builds in planned neighborhoods (where the homes are often ten feet apart) to a builder who builds on people's land (mostly rural), we had no idea what we were in for.

    We've spent the last several years honing our processes, learning from our mistakes, and solving problems for our clients that they thought they had to solve on their own.

    You have no idea the satisfaction that comes from seeing the joy on someone's face when they realize they can have their dream—and from the knowledge that we helped make it happen!

    So if you're dreaming about building that forever home for your family on your land, stick with it. Don't give up. We get to see what happens every day when families don't give up on that dream, and it's worth it.

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