Don't let a builder's ego take over your new home

    Many builders think of themselves as “artists"—the home they're building for you is really theirs, they're just allowing you to pay for it. Isn't that magnanimous?

    This type of builder wants to show you what "they" put into "their standard home" and what their "standard finishes" are. Never mind your preferences. They'll talk about how many dollars per square foot they build for, which they can predict because they know exactly what you should have in your home.

    Maybe you're trying to get the price of your home down to $290K, but the builder wants to have crown molding and can lights, because "that's what every one wants." Beware: you may be talking to an ego builder.

    Ego builders have certain floor plans to choose from, and that's about it.

    Want to change something in the floor plan? How dare you insult their baby that way! With an ego builder, you'll find that it's like pulling teeth to make any changes, and they'll try to talk you out of every one.

    After all, they're the expert in what you want, right?

    They don't want you to bring along anyone to help give input, like your family or, heaven forbid, your Realtor. They know what you need.

    Ego builders will make you feel unwelcome on the job site.

    They'll discourage you from visiting. They'll make a big mess, make the neighbors mad, and tell you that's just part of the construction process. You just have to live with it. It's their project until it's finished and you move in.

    Ego builders won't help you with anything that isn't directly related to construction.

    Having trouble finding land? Need to solve a title or lending issue? Want help negotiating a land deal, or need advice on how to evaluate a particular piece of land you really like? Tough luck.

    The ego builder just wants to build your home. You can solve your own problems and then come back when you're ready for them to build.

    Don't let your new home fall into the hands of the ego builder!

    An artistic house may or may not be functional for you, and it's unlikely that the builder's style is going to match yours exactly. After your home is built, you're going to be living in it, not the builder. Make sure you choose a builder who will listen to what you want to see in your house.

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