Home advice for DIY-ers

    diy-gone-wrongDo you find yourself looking for Do-It-Yourself projects? You can find great resources online on how to DIY any number of things, from reprogramming your car's navigation system to growing your own food.

    I run into plenty of folks who want to build their homes—kind of the ultimate DIY project. They've seen homes being built, with plenty of detail, and are up for the challenge.

    If you're one of those people, I welcome you to call and ask any question you have about building a home—I'm an open book. There are lots of tips and tricks I've learned from the several hundred homes I've built over my career, and I've learned a thing or two from my dad, too, who's been building for 52 years.

    I'm happy to share what I've learned, especially if it helps you avoid a simple mistake you never saw coming that ends up costing you $10,000 or more on your new home.

    I've seen lines on a home design that looked innocent enough create issues that cost several thousand dollars to correct once the house was framed. Of course, it's tough to say exactly what those mistakes or oversights are likely to be before a home is actually designed. I'm often shocked at how many designers don't understand what something is going to look like in 3 dimensions.

    I've seen plumbers, framers, and electricians follow plans to the letter, ignoring the fact that a design issue or oversight will cost the builder thousands. I've seen electricians disappear after doing the rough wiring, forcing the builder or individual to hire a second electrician, at an exorbitant rate, just to finish the house.

    What happens if a plumber places the plumbing for your toilet in an inconvenient place and nobody notices until you pour the slab? That won't be an easy or inexpensive fix.

    Or if your windows aren't properly flashed to prevent leakage? It's the kind of thing you can't even physically see once the house is built, but that one problem could create a host of other problems due to water damage.

    Don't fall victim to one of the thousands of "little" mistakes that can cost a fortune. Give us a call. We can share some insights that could help tremendously.

    I certainly can't make you an expert without the thousands of hours of experience a professional builder has, any more than you could make me an expert in your line of work with a simple phone call, but at least I can help you avoid some of the nastier, sneakier surprises.

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