Handling family advice

    Family adviceWhether you're buying a house or building a house, family members want to tell you about their experiences, especially their horror stories. When it comes to new construction, there always seems to be that uncle who had a terrible experience in the past with a home builder.

    It's common for your family members to have input on your decision to build a home. They want to make sure that you've found a good builder and that you aren't going to be telling a horror story of your own years down the road.

    In those cases, we welcome your family into our discussion on building the home as long as it's okay with you. We've heard plenty of horror stories and we know that there are builders in the world who don't always do what's in the best interest of their customers.

    Have the family member involved compile a list of concerns with the process, or a list of grievances from their past experiences. During our meetings we can go over the specific parts of building a home that your family is worried about. Some items we can certainly improve on. Other grievances may be something that's simply a common issue with building new homes.

    We want to make sure that both you and those who advise you are comfortable that what we're working on is satisfactory. So tell mom, dad or Uncle Jim to write a list and we'll go line by line.

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