Why I stand by buyers with financing problems

    Fitting the financial pieces togetherUsually I talk about solving logistical problems because I have to handle them to give my clients the home that they want. But when it comes to financial problems, I can speak from experience.

    My wife had fallen in love with a home, and I was having trouble getting it financed. Here we were, looking at our dream home: a home in the neighborhood that my wife grew up in and one that we both really loved. And I couldn't get financing for the house.

    I went back and forth with lenders and bankers trying to get this sorted out, and I heard "No" a lot. But I've never been one to let an obstacle get in my way, so I kept at it. It took six months for me to get the answer that I was looking for. My mortgage guy found a banker for me that could make the purchase happen.

    Today, I don't look back and remember how hard it was to get financed. I remember how much I love this house, and I remember those people who worked to make it possible for my family to live here. That's the kind of experience that I strive to give my customers.

    Financial problems are always difficult to deal with because we take them so personally. But Turner & Son is the kind of company that will stick with you for six months—or more—until we've found a way to build you that forever home you'd imagined. We know bankers, mortgage lenders, insurance providers, and realtors. And together we'll do what it takes to get your home built.

    You aren't always going to find that in the construction world. There are plenty of builders who are happy to let you work out your own financial issues. I can't do that because I know how it feels to need a ton of help getting financed. At Turner and Son, we're not going to leave you there alone.

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