We build small houses, too!

    HomeEver get the sense that builders can only do gigantic luxury homes? It certainly seems that way from the advertising! It's why most people shy away from new construction, but it's not exactly true.

    The reason that most people seem to get the impression that builders can only build big is that builders focus on larger homes in their marketing. They want to lure you in with the beautiful pictures of chandeliers, oak crown molding, and fancy furniture. It's just how they get you in the door. A lot of problems usually come afterward, but that's a story for another time.

    Most people see that advertisement and shudder. It makes the entire thought of new construction sound expensive and painful. There are definitely some builders who are only comfortable with that kind of a home. But you're interested in what you want in a home, and that might be something closer to 1500 square feet.

    I can build you a brand new 1500-square-foot home on your own land. While your average home builder in Oklahoma prices per square foot, our company has a very good handle on what it costs us to build a house. That means that we have room to be creative and flexible when it comes to building something on a smaller budget.

    At the end of the day, building a smaller house is no different than building a big one. You come prepared with a budget and a list of wants and needs. We design something that allows those two items to work together and you wind up with what you really wanted to begin with.

    If you do run into a builder who's trying to nudge you into buying a bigger house because it's easier for him, stay true to what you want. Some builders just don't understand that it's about what the customers want, not how many cents you can squeeze out of them at the end of the day.

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