Why I don't live in a Turner & Son home

    Home questionThat's right. I live in a home that I didn't build. I haven't bought my own product. And it might not make sense for you either.

    My reason? I don't live in a Turner & Son home because I can't build one in the location that I want to build in. The area is too built up already.

    Sure, I could tear down my own house and build a Turner & Son home on the same spot. But I don't have the money to tear down one house to make room for another. Regardless, it isn't the house that's keeping me where I am. It's the location.

    I love the neighborhood that I live in. There are plenty of beautiful trees. None of my neighbors tell me what they think I should do with my house. Nobody's competing here to impress one another.

    It’s weird that I don’t live in a new home, but maybe that helps me understand that for my customers, it isn’t all about the house, it’s about the location and the lifestyle. If it made sense and was a good fit for my situation, I would be a customer. And I think that's why I tend to get along with my customers so well.

    You want that sort of life – a life where you don't have to worry about what anybody around you says or thinks. You don't want to have to stress about terrible neighbors, and it doesn't matter to you how much they like or don't like your home. You just want a home for your family.

    I admire that independent attitude, and do my best to allow my customers to express that when it comes to their homes. You're the one who has to live in it. So why should a builder tell you what you can or can't do?

    So there – I said it. I don't live in a Turner & Son home. But if some empty land appeared in the spot I want to live, I can tell you I'd build one just right for me in the neighborhood that I love.

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