Staying within your budget

    Operating budget, calendar and penI recently met with a realtor that we've had a successful referral business with for over five years. We are currently working with two different referrals through his realty group. But while I was meeting with the broker, he was surprised to know that we customize homes from $120k and up.

    He was astonished to see that we do modifications and custom homes that are still affordable and built efficiently in that price range. No other builder in our area is doing that.

    Right now, when you meet with another builder, they'll have plans prepared for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can pay to have plans drawn up by an architect and a custom builder will quote you on what it will cost to build those plans.

    The problem with architects is that they don't worry about how much a house costs to build. They are creative, but they're not looking at it from a builder's perspective. They only know how you want your house to function. They'll create plans for those needs, but often those plans are far outside your budget.

    We have a saying in our industry: “Every problem is solved by adding square feet.” And that is how designers and architects look at it. However, builders see it differently. They know that each additional square foot is going to cost the homeowner more money.

    The issue right now is that nobody is doing the scope that we are while still keeping it affordable. These other builders will custom design homes from scratch, but will charge a hefty premium. It shouldn't matter if you have a $120k budget or a $600k budget. Do you not deserve the house you want? We want everyone to have a say in their own house.

    We've very proud of our ability to build custom homes at an affordable price, starting at $120k. If you'd like to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 405-285-2856.

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