Partnering for ADA accessible homes

    Turner and Son Homes has partnered with the Oklahoma Family Network as the home builder of choice for ADA accessible homes. Two of our executives, Jerry and Athena Captain, have a daughter with special needs they care for full time.

    Athena is on the board at OFN which is an organization that provides resources and mentorship for families in the state of Oklahoma dealing with children with special needs through emotional support, resource navigation and ensuring quality healthcare.

    OFN promotes family-centered care and provides tools so families and individuals can make informed decisions, advocate for improved services, build partnerships among professionals and families, and serve as a trusted resource on health care of children and young adults and family/professional partnerships.

    Families who have children with special needs have unique struggles and stresses. They struggle with enormous medical debt while also juggling therapy appointments and doctor visits. In the case of Athena and Jerry, their daughter Savannah has 16 specialists, not including occupational, physical or speech therapy. These frequent appointments have to be managed by the family along with state paperwork that keeps the child eligible for any and all services. Every family outing requires more planning and preparation than most of us could ever imagine.

    SavannahThe Captains aren't unusual in their needs. Most families who have a child with special needs don't have the mental capacity, time or energy to manage a major project like building a home and ensuring it's built with their child's special needs in mind. That is a huge amount of time and resources that takes for me to do that. If they're going to build a home, they need a builder who is going to understand what they're going through, help build a house that's as affordable as possible, and not create more stress and drama in their life.

    There's a lot of pain associated with raising a child with special needs. OFN has an entire statewide membership group who feel that pain. Turner and Son have proven their ability to be trusted with building quality ADA accessible homes within budget and hassle free. That trust has now translated into a partnership we'll carry far into the future.

    If you know anyone who could use the support of the Oklahoma Family Network, we encourage you to visit their website. And if you or anyone you know needs a custom built ADA accessible home within a budget, please give us a call at 405-285-2856.

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