Affordable, Custom Homes in Edmond, Oklahoma

    Have you thought about building a custom home in the heart of Edmond, but you're worried you need a big budget? Turner and Son Homes is building custom homes at affordable prices in Hidden Prairie at 33rd and Kelly in Edmond.

    One of the things we're finding in Hidden Prairie is that we're the only builder who will customize a home. Other builders in that area will give you a limited range of options to choose from. If any adjustments need to be made, they'll make those changes and charge you a premium. On the other hand, we just sold three homes in Hidden Prairie that were 100% custom built.

    Why don't other builders make truly custom homes?

    A custom build will increase the cycle time and push back the date of payment. When you build a custom home with Turner and Son, we go through a thorough exploratory process in which we discuss how you want your home to perform.

    We ask you about layouts you've liked in other homes and what you liked about those designs. Then we take it to the designer and make sure they understand all your needs while also being conscious of your budget. We tweak the design two or three more times and then it's time to build. That's a process that other builders just don't do.

    Home Builders v. Architects

    It's a different conversation from what you might have with an architect. In fact, we recommend you don't speak to an architect before talking to us. Why? Architects are being paid to complete a job that is inherently very creative. They're often not as concerned with your budget or the building costs.

    Unfortunately, what ends up happening is the architect will design a very beautiful home that will be over budget.

    You'll fall I love with something that at best is more than you wanted to pay, and at worst you can't afford.

    Homes Available at Hidden Prairie in Edmond, Oklahoma

    Our Hidden Prairie lots are going fast and we just have eight left in this highly desirable neighborhood. We'll design your home for you and keep your budget in mind during the whole process, whether your home is in Hidden Prairie or whether it's a scattered plot of land.

    Give us a call to schedule a consultation at 405-285-2856.

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