Why choose us?

    ChoosingWe're very happy to announce we sold five homes in a recent four week period! It's always interesting for us to see what needs our clients come to us with before we begin floor plan designs.

    For example, in two of the houses we recently sold, the woman of the house was the go-to for all parties within their large families. The family kitchen had to be extremely detailed with a very specific layout, size, location, and equipment to accommodate their entertainment needs and desires. The type of kitchens we built for these customers would have normally pushed the homes into a higher price bracket. But, instead of a $300k home, their homes were in the $230-250k price range. We were able to give them their dream kitchen within their max budget.

    One of the other homes we are building is for a family who lost their house to a fire in Guthrie. Sadly, this will be our fourth rebuild after a fire in the last two years. In each case, the client came to us and told us how the house needed to perform and we helped them come up with a package that was realistic. Everyone wants more home than they can afford, so there are some tough conversations in there, but we fit the house to their needs.

    Another home we're building is an addition to a house we already built. The original home was 3,000 square feet, but their mother in law recently lost her husband and needs to move onto the property. Due to city requirements, we need to connect the new 1,600 square foot house ADA accessible to the main house. This very unique situation shows that we really do work with our clients in any capacity to meet their needs.

    In talking with these four clients and determining their needs, we also discover the reasons why they chose Turner and Son. Even though we are extremely competitive price wise, that is not the number one reason people choose Turner and Son. The number one reason is our expertise. I'm an expert in the process of making your dream home a reality. Jerry's expertise is in helping you design your home to fit your budget. Tim's the expert in building your home. We're your advocate for the entire home building process. You don't have to stress. We walk you through it all.

    To schedule a consultation, call us today at 405.285.2856.

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