Custom homes, high value

    Measuring tape custom plansIf you’re familiar with Turner and Son, you probably know we build homes from $120k to $500k. You know we build a variety of homes and let our customers customize every detail. But did you know we offer completely customized homes?

    That’s right, we do extreme customization! We build off of stock plans, modified plans, competitor plans, and even fully custom plans.

    If you want a custom home from almost any builder in the state, you can expect the price to start at $120 a square foot. That’s because the builder has to reevaluate the cost of that home from the ground up - if you can even get them to agree to doing a custom job.

    When a builder has set floor plans, they know all the costs that go into building that home and how much time it will take. With a custom home the builder has to re-estimate.

    At Turner and Son, there’s no difference in our fees for a stock floor plan or a custom home. Materials and labor costs may be different, but we will not charge for the design. Our passion is providing you with the most value for your money, and we couldn’t do that if we charged more for a custom job.

    You’ll walk away with the exact home you dreamed up and at a price you can afford. If you’re ready to discuss building your perfect home, call us at 405.285.2856.

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