When artistic home builders are bad

    1-Artistic-home-builder-300x200You know what’s great about a lot of home builders? How artistic they are. They really get into the design of their homes! But if they’re not careful, it can become a negative for you as the home buyer.

    Home builders generally love designing homes and often times, that’s the whole reason they’re in the business. It’s what gets them excited about building homes.

    At Turner and Son, we’re a little different. As much as we enjoy designing (and we really do enjoy home design), what really gets us excited is providing our clients with exactly what they asked for, while staying within their budget. A lot of clients who come in to meet with us will frequently comment on how we “actually listen” to them.

    While there’s nothing wrong with being excited about designing, sometimes that creative side takes over before the builder has a chance to hear out the client. The builder gets really wrapped up in the design and what ends up happening is the finished product isn’t exactly what the client wanted or it exceeds their budget. Or in the worst cases, both.

    The builder may hear one little thing the client asks for and they’ll go down a rabbit hole and get caught up in over delivering that one element, instead of listening to everything the client says.

    They just love designing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It's common in our industry. You need that to keep innovating and moving the industry forward. But when it results in an unsatisfied client, that’s when it becomes a problem.

    At the end of your first appointment, ask the builder to repeat to you all of your must-haves and critical needs for your home. Ask the builder to tell you what’s important to you. If they miss more than a couple key points, you can be assured there will be more miscommunications down the road.

    At Turner and Son, we sit down and ask a lot of questions. It’s part of our discovery process. We look at our clients’ budgets before we start designing. That's because we have a much more holistic approach to homebuilding. Our excitement comes from seeing the smile on your face when you tour your new home for the first time. Not because there are surprises, but because it’s exactly what you wanted.

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