Do you know about the Oklahoma Family Network?

    A business' success has everything to do with its customers and a company like Turner & Son doesn't operate as long as it has without the support of the local community.

    We appreciate the support we've been given and do our best to give back whenever possible and find specific areas where we can help the most.

    When it comes to home building, that means focusing on more than just building homes for the sake of money and it's one of the reasons we're working with the Oklahoma Family Network (OFN) to build customized homes suited for children and young adults with disabilities.

    The OFN

    2-ofn-300x300If you've never heard of OFN, they're a fantastic organization that focuses on supporting families of children with special needs – emotional, mental, and physical. They provide connections to parent-to-parent support groups as well financial, childcare, healthcare, and educational resources.

    In short, they support Oklahoma families faced with the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs.

    This is a community that is significantly underserved and often struggles to find advice and general assistance without working through a frustrating maze of information.

    How we help

    One of the challenges that OFN families face is living in homes that don't support the growth and development of their child. Even simple tasks like moving between rooms and taking a shower are more difficult than they should be in standard homes.

    Most builders have limited knowledge of ADA standards and home features. Generally, ADA-friendly home building begins and ends with concrete entry ramps.

    We've worked to become experts at building ADA-friendly homes and become a resource to the OFN and their families. Instead of retro-fitting homes to only partly meet a family's need, we design our ADA-friendly homes to be accessible from the start, with features like extra-wide hall ways, pocket doors, and seamless floor transitions.

    Support the OFN

    Obviously, we're big fans of the OFN and support their mission and programs. If you're interested in joining us in support of their organization there are a number of opportunities to get involved including volunteer work and donations.

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