Joy for Savannah

    Family1-300x339A year ago Savannah developed the ability to use a walker after 6 years of working with both traditional therapy methods and horse therapy. You must understand the joy this event bought our family, I will never forget that day seeing her smile as she learned she could move herself. We took the walker home so excited to see the new independence it would bring and the relief it would allow me to do longer need to carry Savannah throughout the home. Yet we found our home had less than 10ft of space Savannah could use her walker. I soon understood in our current home there was not going to be additional independence or relief for me. I started dreaming about a home for Savannah were she was not limited, a home which allowed her to live to her potential. Savannah's father had an untimely death in 2010; he left her a trust fund to help with her quality of life and care. As a family we knew the most important asset Savannah needed was a home which allowed her to develop, grow and gain independence. As a side note the asset would also become a financial asset for her future.

    During this same time in 2010 I had a career where I had to travel and had limited flexibility in my work schedule to be able to care for Savannah. I had friends who saw my situation and introduced me to Tim Turner the CEO of Turner & Son Homes. After meeting the leadership of Turner & Son Homes understanding their drive for excellence for their team, clients and product I knew I had found my place. Tim Turner understands his employees must have the ability and flexibility to nurture the family while developing the skills in the work place. Tim then asked me what my dreams/ goals where for the upcoming year; I told him I needed a home my daughter could live an abundant full life within, a home where is able to walk in her walker from room to room developing her ability to be independent and strong. He said I can help make your dream come true if you will allow us to. He made a commitment to help us with the price of the home to be as competitive as he was able to help this dream come true for Savannah. We were humbled by the generosity given the fact Turner & Son Homes already are competitive dollar per square foot. That was the beginning of the home building journey.

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