Virtual Rejuvenation

    With the move into warmer weather, there is always that feeling of invigoration that floats about, initiating a revival of our surroundings the likes of which are only seen during this time of year. We draw back the curtains, roll up the shades and let the light shine in around us, and everything feels bright and new as we prepare to enjoy the long, leisurely days of summer. You know what we mean, right? We replace that rusty old patio furniture, scour for untried grilling recipes, maybe plant some different flowers...whatever signifies that we have new days and fresh experiences ahead. Usually, being the dream homebuilder, we just witness this behavior in our clients, but this time around we are excited to be a part of the hoopla!

    No, we don't have any office patio furniture to replace. And no, our curtains haven't moved. Instead, we are rejuvenating our business....dusting off the tried and true ways of building great luxury homes, polishing those methods that need an extra shine, and trading outdated homebuilding recipes for modernized, more efficient approaches.

    Since our inception as a top home building company in Oklahoma, we have dedicated ourselves to making the building experience as smooth as possible, and that means periodically examining our house for any freshening up it may need. What we saw most recently, was an undeniable need for a more informative, better flowing online presence. We know we build the highest quality, customizable spec homes in Oklahoma for the value-conscious customer and we know all the details and benefits behind a Turner & Son home, but we're not building for us. We're building for you!

    So, as you can see, we're starting with the launch of a new website. If you take a few minutes to browse around, you'll find that navigating it is far easier and there are clearer routes to getting to the information you need. We've made concerted efforts to migrate the applicable content of the former website into our new one in a more refined, easily digestible way. Our goal, as always, is to provide you with what you need in the manner you expect to find it. Just as developing a home for your family is a work in progress, developing our online home is, as well. While we have a wealth of information on the new site, there is much more to come. In the coming months, you'll see more testimonials from other families we've helped, find details on upcoming events, and so much more!

    As with any other part of our business model, we will continue to acknowledge the proverbial room for improvement and strive to offer the most comfortable, friendly experience above all else. Part of that effort comes from those periodic self-examinations, but whom we really need to hear from is you! Please take the time to let us know what you think of the new website, whether it's positive feedback or constructive critiquing. We would love your comments!

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