Yes, you can use your own contractors

ContractorKnowing an electrician or roofer comes with some perks, like very good deals on building a new home. But many home builders won't let you use your own contractor. We will.

We're often asked by our customers if we'll allow contractors other than our own to work on one of our builds. It's not uncommon for companies like UBuildIt to restrict your options. They'll only allow contractors of their choosing. But you know a sweet deal when you see one, and who are we to say no?

We understand that you want to save money wherever you can, and if that involves using contractors who you know, we're on board.

While we support using your own contractors, there is an important financial consideration you should be aware of. Often banks will be more confident in lending when they know that one building company will be handling the entire project. When you introduce other parties into the equation, they might be more hesitant.

That said, if you've secured lending and are planning on using your own contractors, we'll allow it. There are only a couple of things to keep in mind when using your own contractor with a build from Turner & Son.

The first is that we strongly prefer to work with contractors who are licensed, ensured, bonded and have a good reputation. We promise our customers the best in quality, and we want to ensure that any contractor that you use can keep up with our standards - even if it's your dad! The second is that we have a tight schedule for building your new home, and we need to know that the contractor of your choosing can keep up with that schedule.

If you or somebody you know is offering a good deal on roofing, plumbing or electric, we're happy to fit them into our build. Call 405.285.2856 for more information about Turner & Son home construction.

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